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No Man's Sky:…

No Man's Sky is a game by Hello Games, with a procedurally generated world that, according to the creators, will feature more random planets…

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No Man's Sky is a game by Hello Games, with a…

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It appears as if mine and many others dreams …

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Steam is very easy to install on Ubuntu 15.04…

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Way back in 1991, Sony unveiled that they wou…

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March 04, 2010

Star Trek - The Animated Series Review

Sticks & Stones...[/capt…

March 04, 2010

Funny Defacement of the Star Trek Wikipedia Page

Funny screenshot I snapped while reading the Star Trek Wikipedia page.

March 27, 2010

10 Best Sitcoms From The '90s

Deciding which sitcoms of the 90s were tops is no easy tasks and people’s views may di…


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How to install Steam on Ubuntu 15.04

Steam is very easy to install on Ubuntu 15.04 via terminal and it cuts out the trouble of having to create a useless Ubuntu One account. The steps are: Open a terminal window Type sudo apt-ge…

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XBOX One Backwards Compatibility Update + 1TB Console

Microsoft is already ahead of the game, with a 1 TB XBOX One Console and great deals such as 1 free game with the purchase of one of these beasts on Amazon.On top of all of that, Microsoft also announ…

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Best Emulators for Classic Game Consoles

If you're a youngster and want to check out what games your father played or your a veteran gamer and want to check on your childhood favorites you can with console emulators.  I won't treat you to th…

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October 12, 13 Comments (1)

First demonstration of Steam's controller (Video)

Steam's latest initiative is to bring their downloadable gaming platform to the living room.  They're working on a variety of different pieces to the puzzle that they need to make their goal a reality…

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