250GB Xbox 360 Hard Drive Released

Need a bigger hard drive for all of the DLC currently filling up space on your Xbox 360 HD? Microsoft finally has a solution for you! That is if you have the $129 in hard earned USD that it will take to get your hands on one. However, if you consider the 20GB hard drive is still hovering around $50 refurbished that price tag isn’t difficult to swallow.

The 250gb standalone drive includes a data transfer kit allowing you to transfer all of your precious saved data to the drive & comes loaded with an amazing array of junk such as HD game demos, videos and several Xbox LIVE arcade trials (which I’m sure most of you will remove right away). Although, if you read the official Xbox.com release info they tend to jazz that news up a bit more:

  • Highest hard drive capacity available: The Xbox 360 250GB hard drive is the largest hard drive available for Xbox 360.
  • Game downloads: Download game demos, Games on Demand, Xbox LIVE Arcade games, game add-ons and more from Xbox LIVE Marketplace. Keep all your game saves handy in one place with no worries about storage.
  • Videos: Download hundreds of movies in standard- and high-definition, as well as television shows, independent videos, game trailers, and lots more.
  • Other media: Rip CDs to the hard drive with reckless abandon and no concern for space constraints. Download music videos, gamer pics and dashboard themes, and store your own photos on the console.

The new standalone drive isn’t anything new to Japan. Fear not though, as of the 23rd it’s available from most of your favorite online retailers.

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  2. It never ceases to amaze me how completely moronic many Xbox 360 users can be. How many years has it been now since Microsoft started sucking you people dry of all your money? Not to mention how you MUST purchase their overpriced add-ons and upgrades because no one else can make them. You want wireless? Something even the friggin’ DS has built in. $100!! You want more hard drive space? $125 for 250GB!! Not long ago I purchased a 500GB for $80 for my PS3. Then of course the design of the system itself is a massive failure…but still, the moron’s shell out the money. Enjoy your upgrades kids.

  3. You guys go ahead and buy your PS3s, and when they break, go ahead and buy another. When my xbox breaks, ill have microsoft send me a new one for free

  4. @ Winn your an idiot who shouldn’t be saying shit, if you knew anything , you’d know that Sony does replace your system if it breaks(which is very rare) for free if its under warranty. So, next time you think you know what your talking about, you should actually know what you are talking about you retard!

  5. Why does this have to turn into a 360 v. ps3 debate? Everytime the 360 is mentioned, fanboys jump on it every time, and vice versa with ps3 articles. Geez, grow up. It’s a games console ffs.

  6. I own all 3 boxes ps3, xbox360 and wii and they are all good for what they are doing at the paticurl time.
    Now with that said, I would not go out of my way to buy a big hd like this as, the only content you can put on it is stuff your have purchased from the xbox store.
    Or just demos you’ve gotten from the xbox store. All permitnly locked away on an hd you can’t into.

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  8. I think you all forget the best feature of a large HD on an XBOX 360 and that is installing the games you use to it. I would not buy a large HD on purpose, but I would buy an XBOX that came with a large HD. Being able to load your games 3-4x faster is worth it.

  9. Xbox 360 or ps3. It does not matter. I am willing to bet that this 250 GB is a 3.5 inch sata 1,2,or 3 hard disk. take your existing Xbox hard disk case, open it. look on amazon or some site like that and order a 250 gig drive for around $60. Its not hard. Its not proprietary. Its amazing what can be accomplished with a brain and a screwdriver. I bet you could even use software like Acronis to clone the origional drive on to the new drive and not even loose any data.

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  12. @matt got a 360 elite. got it the day it came out and has not had one problem. as long as you take the canned air and blast out the insides every couple of months, no rrod will happen

    @anti-fanboy i agree with you fully here.

    @bobbylou this is exactly why you would get a larger hard drive, also another thing to keep the 360 running longer by using the dvd drive alot less

    @jason good idea in theory, its actually a 2.5″ sata drive in the case, but the problem lies in the fact that if you do this, your system is now a modified system, which can lead to console bans from xbox live, whcih is why most people get a 360.

    sorry for the long post, and thank you for your time 😛


  14. I am not sure why bing sent me over to your blog but I should probably I have been overall fascinated by the comments you have pulled together. How long did it take to start getting so many users arriving to your blog? I am pretty new to this web thing.

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