How to get Audio Files off of your iPod or iPhone


iTunes and Apple have a choke hold on your ability to transfer files back and forth from the iPod/iPad/iPhone. However, with a little program called SharePod you can bypass all the nonsense preventing you from backing up files from your digital device to your computer.

My main MP3 player these days is the trusty ol’ Android Incredible.  However, in the yester-years I used an old iPod Nano to listen to all the sci-fi audio books I put my cybernetic hands on.  However, years after my old iPod was stuffed in a drawer and a new computer set atop my desk I found myself wanting some of the old audio books off of it.

Unfortunately, iTunes or any of the other go-to audio players didn’t make that an easy task (although, it should have). So, what is a guy to do? Well, I was lucky enough through a Google search to find an Engadget post that guided me on my way to a program called SharePod.  This lovely little program lets you share your audio files with your computer or backup to and from your iPod. No, this isn’t a shill post to advertise the software (it just got me out of a pinch backing up my Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy audio book & others).

So, how do we backup iPod files onto the computer?:

  • First, download SharePod from their site or via the Retro Hive Sharepod mirror.
  • Unzip the file & install using the setup program
  • Open SharePod and highlight all of the files you want to backup (hit CTRL+A to hotkey this)
  • Click on “Copy to Computer” and wallah it does its magic!

Hopefully this helps anyone else in a sci-fi audio disaster like I found myself in.


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