Sony’s Beef With The New Nintendo 3DS

It seems that Sony is out on the warpath against other console makers, and this week they slammed the Nintendo 3DS. Does the new 3DS offer what Nintendo DS gamers will want? Or is Sony right that it won’t find the audience it needs for sales. Before the 3DS is completely unveiled at E3 this year, let’s look at this beef flying around between Sony and Nintendo.

Everyone knows that it’s dog eat dog when it comes to the console gaming business, but it seems that some dogs are hungrier than others lately.  Take Sony for example, in the last few weeks it seems that they have really been up in arms against every other console maker out there, offering their opinions and views on everything under the sun that is wrong with anything non-Sony related when it comes to gaming.  Now, they have set their collective sights on the newest Nintendo release, the 3DS.

The 3DS will be fully announced at this year’s E3 conference, the mecca of all that is new to gaming and electronics, to show off this latest cool edition to the Nintendo DS lineup.  If you haven’t heard about the 3DS yet, this little bad boy will offer gamers the ability to get their game on in complete 3D – without those corny glasses.  Currently, there is only one other device out there that uses the same type of technology that the Nintendo 3DS will use (which is a sort of parallax mapping) and that is the Hitachi Wooo H001 cellphone.  No, you can’t have one, they’re only out in Japan right now, sorry.

The 3DS sounds pretty cool right?  So what is Sony’s big beef with it?  They feel that Nintendo isn’t thinking enough about their “demographic standpoint” as to where they are marketing it.  The compassionate guys at Sony feel that Nintendo won’t get the sales they need since most of their gamer base is made of younger gamers, in the under 12 age range.  So, they feel that these younger gamers won’t care about the 3D effects and that Nintendo is wasting their time with any type of 3D handheld console.  But, they don’t hesitate to point out that they are already having a ton of interested in the 3D for the PlayStation 3 market and that they are going to hype their efforts on that front.

Wait, let’s think about that – it sounds like what they are saying is a.) younger gamers don’t care if something looks 3D or not (which means they have never really met some of today’s kids) and b.) that even though Nintendo is wrong for branching out on the 3D front with the 3DS, they are right to move forward with it on the PS3.  Wow, that’s a pretty bold statement for Sony, don’t you think?

While I am not a 9-year old gamer, I know several of them and if you mention that their favorite Nintendo DS games could soon be in 3D and they don’t have to keep track of the glasses – their response is “COOL!”.  I mean, think about it, you can play your favorite Pokemon games and actually see what the little things would look like if they were real instead of just being a flat monster on the screen.  How much cooler will fighting games be?  How about racing games?  Oh, yeah, I can easily see the potential here.

But, maybe Sony is right.  Us older gamers might not have the eyes for 3D gaming, I mean after all, we’re all of 30-ish… our eyesight should be going soon.  Hmm, I guess that means I don’t need those great 3D upgrades to my PS3 either do I?

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