10 Best Sitcoms From The ’90s

Best TV shows from the 90's

Deciding which sitcoms of the 90s were tops is no easy tasks and people’s views may differ. However, it I safe to say that most such lists probably include the following shows:

1. Friends:  1994-2004

Not only has Friends created a large fan base across the globe, it made megastars of its main players. This sitcom debuted in 1994 and no one knew just how big it would become. When Friends made its final curtain call in 2004, many fans wept, it was like saying goodbye to best friends.

2. Seinfeld :  1990-1998

Jerry Seinfeld and his gang provided years of laughter as they did… well, nothing. The sitcom is still enormously popular in syndication. Seinfeld makes every list of great sitcoms over the last two or three decades.

3. The Simpsons: 1989 to present

Talk about standing the test of time. This popular sitcom is still puling fans in 21 years after it first premiered. The show follows the misadventures of the eponymous clan, and it has spawned numerous catchphrases during its phenomenal run..

4. Frasier: 1993-2004

As cerebral as it was bitingly funny, Frasier has gone down in history as one of the most successful spinoffs ever. It won 37 Emmys, with five of them being taken home by the show’s star Kelsey Grammer. Devoted fans watched his character navigate the dating minefield while juggling all his other personal relationships.

5. Roseanne: 1988 – 1997

This show redefined the sitcom as we know it, and made an unlikely star of its lead Roseanne Barr. She garnered as much attention as the show itself for better or for worse. At any rate it brought new focus to the role of women in Hollywood.

6. Coach: 1989-1997

Craig T. Nelson made his chauvinistic character surprisingly loveable. As the coach of a university football team he frequently locked horns with just about everyone. The show also benefited from the sometimes complicated relationships with the women in his life.

7. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air:  1990-1996

Will Smith probably owes his current superstardom to his work on this show. The show revolved around a teenager uprooted from his rough Philadelphia neighborhood and moved to Bel-Air. Will could smooth talk the ladies, but never had much luck with his Uncle Phil, head of the Banks clan.

8. Home Improvement: 1991-1998

This show was appealing on many levels. Tim Allen played Tim Taylor, an accident prone star of a home improvement TV show. His constant desire to fix household appliances frequently had him at odds with his wife, played magnificently by Patricia Richardson. Its success rested largely on the fact that it was a show that many families could relate to.

9. Married with Children: 1987-1997

If ever there was a dysfunctional family, the Bundy clan was it. The dad Al Bundy could never be considered a winner. To top it off he had to deal with a wife who never lifted a finger, and kids who were less than stellar performers. On a side note this show helped usher in the era of controversial sitcoms.

10. 3rd Rock from the Sun: 1996-2001

This family of aliens came to earth to observe human behavior. The group adopted human looks to blend in as they learned the ins and outs of being human. This show was anything but typical as even the most mundane situations were successfully mined for laughs.

There are quite a few other sitcoms of the 90s that could easily have made the list, and may well be on other top ten lists. These include The Drew Carey Show, NewsRadio and Everybody Loves Raymond. To many TV watchers, the 1990s had some of the classic sitcoms that will live on from generation to generation.

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