The Classic Shooter: With All Of The Trimmings

If you have ever played and liked any top down shooter arcade style games, then you might be interested to know that I have taken it upon myself to make a top down shooter of my own.

I have seen more than enough top down shooters on the net done in Flash, and while some were good, some were bad, and others were just plain boring, I always found a reason to keep playing each one. Maybe it’s the feeling I get when my ship is destroyed near the last level and that enemy ship is still there before the screen fades to black just taunting me. Even though we love to play them, once they are beaten and sometimes even before we finish them, we leave them and never return. Sure we will find another one that is nearly identical considering every shooter out there is practically the same, but once in awhile we will run in to one that catches our eye more than others. One particular shooter that comes to mind when I speak of original is Star Fox.

Star Fox 64…hoorah!

While Star Fox may not be a top down game, it did everything right. While some would argue what I say on this, I feel that Star Fox may be the best shooter out there. I can remember playing Star Fox 64 for hours, and while it may have been far to easy, I couldn’t seem to stop coming back for more. The game had everything a simple shooter needed, and with the memorable characters, and voice overs such as Peppy’s famous “Do a barrel roll!”, it marked its place in video game history. This is the way I think it should be with voice overs, a good story, and the simple game play that we all love.

I plan to put all of the incredible features I can in to a simple shooter that I hope everyone will love. While keeping the simplicity of the average flash style shooter, I am focusing on adding the most important elements that will keep most gamers attention such as deep story elements, voice over, a customizable ship, and even an online multi-player mode which will feature a VS mode and even a Co-Op story mode.

Make sure to visit the site frequently for updates, news and many more surprises on this project and more.

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