Starcraft II: Open Beta Testing Starts in China

Starcraft II: China

Blizzard Entertainment & (who created the Chinese MMORPG Fantasy Westward Journey) announced that open beta testing for Starcraft II has officially begun in China. Finally, Chinese players will be able to experience Starcraft II’s wildly fun multiplayer & medicore single player after speculation of a Starcraft II ban in China.

If you live in Mainland China and haven’t already downloaded the Starcraft II client via a account you can do so at the Chinese Battlenet site located at   After you’ve installed the client open the program file and automatically download the updates to the latest version to begin playing.

The beta will end in a hot minute (April 6th, 2011 to be exact) so get into the game now.  However, if you want to wait and get your hands on the commercial version the fun will begin directly after the end of the beta.  Customers will be able to purchase game time in 30-day increments at full retail for RMB20.

For more information check out this hype ridden press release from the PR Newswire – Asia (

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