Bullet Hell Games: The Devil’s R-Type

We can all recall at one point in a game that was frustrating to the point the controller got to give a nice kiss to the wall and/or window. It lurks in every game, that annoying “water temple” moment. You can almost imagine a solitary game designer that cackles with glee as he weaves sadistic and nearly unplayable areas for your enjoyment. However these are just moments that once passed we can enjoy the rest of the game. *This excludes every single moment of a Ninja Gaiden game* However a small niche of gamers in the US are becoming more and more enthralled with a type of game that puts those to shame. Read at your own risk.

These games are lovingly called “Bullet Hell” games. While they’re still remaining in obscurity here in the states, in Japan it’s quite easy to find these games right near Dance Dance Revolution. If you have ever played R-Type, Gradius, or any vertical/horizontal shooter you have a good idea of the basics of a Bullet Hell game. They’re shooters, just with enough bullets and enemies that you can barely see anything else. While most would shy away from the ludicrous difficulty, some find it rather attractive to find a challenge with the rise of games catered to less dexterous gamers.

However while a challenge is nice, this borders near insanity. Aside from the fact you’re trying to find a pattern so you don’t die, you’re also trying to score combos so you can flex on the internet. Combos are achieved in different ways depending on the game, however most are based on waiting until as many bullets are on screen as possible, then to start killing the enemy. So if you’re interested in having a nervous breakdown, I would recommend getting Progear for the MAME emulator. This author refuses to take responsibility for broken monitors/keyboards/controllers.

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