3 Ways to Play Star Trek Online Pre-Release

Star Trek Online is set to release on February 2nd 2010 but for as a Trekkie such as myself you might not want to wait. This post is dedicated to helping you get your hands on the STO MMORPG before it hits store shelves… I’ll shut up and get to it.

1.) Pre-order from companies who partnered with Cryptic Studios

This will allow you to receive bonus features pre & post release… The go-to options for this is either Steam or Gamestop.

Check out the Star Trek Online Gamestop Pre-order Page.

Check out the Steam software where you can digitally download via Steam early if you preorder.

What do you get?

According to Gamestop’s page…

- Reserve Star Trek Online and receive a GameStop exclusive in-game Starfleet Constitution Class Starship. This unique, upgradable starship comes equipped with blue phasers and an extra engineering station mod slot.

- Reserve Star Trek Online and receive beta access, and 2-day early head-start access. Beta begins January 12, 2010 and runs through January 26, 2010. Early head start will begin on January 29, 2010.

2.) Apply for Beta Access

You can apply for beta access in two ways.  First, through the official STO website or by finding a website that Cryptic Studios partnered with.

- Take a look at the official Star Trek Online beta sign-up page

- Take a look at the MMORPG.com beta entry contest page

3.) Land a Career with Cryptic Studios

This is certainly the least plausible solution but it is a possibility.  Cryptic Studios is currently hiring for several positions…


- Graphic Designer – Cryptic Studios is currently seeking a full-time Graphic Designer. The graphic designer will be responsible for creating stunning visuals for Cryptic Studios’ web sites and corporate communications. We are continually pushing the envelope with our games, and our web products must be innovative and creative as well. The ideal candidate will be a team player who can consistently turn out excellent work in any given style while adhering to budget and deadline constraints.

- Lead Engineer – The Lead Engineer of Atari Online Publishing Platform is responsible for leading a cross functional team of engineers working on a variety of projects supporting Atari and Cryptic’s online publishing and operating platform.

- Web Programmer – We are currently looking for a full time Web Programmer. The Web Programmer will be a key member of the team, developing features and functionality for Cryptic Studios’ web sites, including the corporate web site, future game web sites and individual promotional sites. The Programmer will work closely with the Online Community Relations group to develop content and community tools and will also work with the Game Programming team to integrate data from the game servers for our future projects into the web sites.

If any other options arise I will let you know..

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