Review of the GameFly Video Game Rental Service

GameFly Video Game Rental

In the video game rental universe Gamefly is essentially the Netflix of online game rentals. As an avid gamer with a young gamer-in-training it was time to broaden my library of available games.

With that said this is my review of the Gamefly service.


I decided to sign up for the service late Sunday / early Monday to allow for a full week for my games to arrive. The week went by with only the typical junk mail filling my snail-mail box, and then alas an oversized envelope/sleeve dawning orange & white was in the mail. This meant that 5 full business days had come and gone before I received my games.  If you’re impatient the slow shipping speed may be a deal breaker for some.


After your 10 day trial & discount for your first month expires you’re hit with a substantial price increase. As of this writing service costs are listed as $15.95 for one game out at a time or $22.95 for two games out at a time. In comparison, Netflix prices their service at $9.99 for 1 disc & $14.99 for 2 discs. However, the retail price of a game is roughly 2 1/2 times that of DVD so it’s no wonder Gamefly’s price is considerably higher. Although, taken on its own a $23 monthly service fee demands faster shipping rates than I experienced.


In my area Blockbuster shuttered their doors & the local grocery store rental section has meager offerings at best, so the prospect of a wide selection of games is/was very appealing. In this respect Gamefly shines with the sheer volume of games available in their library.  With over 7,000 titles even the most ardent of gamers will be hard-pressed to mill through all of the options.


If you have an abundance of patience & have the $22.95  to blow on the better value option, Gamefly might be a solid option.  However, compared to its online movie rental counter-part it isn’t up to par. In the future I’m going to put my money to what I feel is a more worthwhile approach by purchasing low priced used games.

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