NASA: “Greener” Aircraft In Development

Green Aircraft

Have you’ve ever smelled the atrocious odor of combustible fuel of an airplane after it takes flight? How about the deafening sound of the engines of these winged goliaths as they fire up? Then a recent development from NASA will be of interest to you. NASA has recently given contracts to four teams to tackle this issue, giving a greener future to flight.

The four industry and academic teams will split a reward of $16.5 million for researching new ways to solve these issues for plans going into service in a couple of decades between 2030 & 2035. The teams have already been underway in studying these new concepts for the past 2 years but under the new contracts the teams will be able to test their developments.

Funding for the study will be provided by NASA’s Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate in Washington. ARMD’s focus is on developing technology to lower the emissions & fuel consumption of aircraft in order to meet national goals to create “green” air travel.

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