Cheap Zombie Thrills with Killing Floor

Killing Floor is a co-op first person zombie shooter from London based indie developer Tripwire Interactive available for just under 20 bucks on Steam.  The game thrusts you into the role of military and police survivors in the midst of a “specimen” outbreak of cloned soldier-monsters (zombies).  The only option for survival is to exterminate the monster hordes, preferably in the most violent means possible.

Nothing quite like spilling zombie brains in London in the summer.

On a standard server up to 6 players band together in an attempt withstand the various waves of shambling horrors.  The enemies range from the meek grunt zombies known as Clots to chainsaw equipped Scrakes.  After surviving the various waves, players must fight through one last battle while facing the big boss known as Patriarch.  If it wasn’t bad enough trying to fight through the horde alone, the Patriarch is equipped with a surgically attached mini-gun, rocket launcher, cloaking and the ability to heal himself (whilst conveniently cloaked).

In between waves players have a chance to spend cash procured from slaughtering zombies in the traveling trade shop, allowing refills on ammunition, body armor, grenades and a wide variety of armaments.  In the limited time between rounds one must find the trader, make their purchases and be ready for the next wave requiring forethought on what transactions will need to be made.

Since release, Tripwire has released several major content updates to the game, proving their commitment to further developing their product.  After a hiatus from the game I was recently surprised with an overhaul on the trade system, more than twice as many maps to choose from and several new weapons.  Tripwire also offers DLC available for purchase, but these only create cosmetic changes in characters and have no impact on the gameplay itself.  It is indeed commendable that they are consistently working to improve the game for the existing player base without any additional purchases.

The gameplay certainly isn’t as deep as others in the genre (Left 4 Dead 2 comes to mind, particularly the versus mode), but it doesn’t pretend or need to be.  Killing Floor is a fantastic game to whittle away a few hours at a time while blasting through horde after horde without worrying about being ambushed by an enemy team.  If killing flood after flood of zombies is your bag, this game is for you.  While I do prefer the Left 4 Dead franchise overall, this is the game I turn to when I’m looking for PvE co-operative zombie smashing fun.

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