Lost Planet 2 Demo Available on the Playstation Network

If you enjoyed the original Lost Planet game now is your chance to try out the second iteration via the Playstation 3. Capcom recently released Lost Planet 2 with multiplayer capability so you can get your frag on. Unfortunately, the demo won’t be available publicly until April 22nd but you can get your hands on it early via several different methods including the official Lost Planet community website.

Additionally, Capcom is flexing its financial muscle by offering a challenge. If 1.5 million players download the upcoming demo they’ll donate $25k to charity with $20,000 being donated if it hits 1 million downloads. The charity of choice is Music for Relief which is currently raising money for Haiti… How nice! Although like always it is a move to get good will & gain a little green back.. However, downloading a game seems to be a small price to pay to help out a charity with that agenda.

If you don’t have the energy or time to hunt down an early access code then feel free to take a look at the multiplayer gameplay video:

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LittleBigPlanet: The Incredibles DLC Coming Soon

Little Big Planet - The Incredible DLC

On April 8th 2010 the Playstation Store will be offering the latest LittleBigPlanet DLC… What is it? The Incredibles! The latest content for the very popular LittleBigPlanet game is The Incredibles Costume Kit based on the Disney/Pixar animated film. The kit includes 9 costumes with all of The Incredibles & there friends Frozone & Edna Mode plus the bad man named Syndrome.

Additionally, The Incredibles level kit will also be available on April 8th to accompany the costume kit. In the kit you will be treated to nearly all of the areas & structures in the movie including Nomisan Island (Syndrome’s stomping ground) & the monorail system. You will also get to place little collectibles & prize bubbles until your heart is content.

Personally, The Incredibles movie wasn’t my cup of tea but if you’re getting bored with LittleBigPlanet it may be a worthwhile purchase.

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Playstation 3′s MOVE : Minority Report a Reality?

I remember when I first watched the movie “Minority Report” I was enthralled once Tom Cruise started to manipulate the various screens in his office. Moving them, enlarging them, and freely using them with only a few flicks of his hands for some reason left me in nerd awe. So you can imagine I was nothing less than giddy when I saw this tech demo of Playstation’s MOVE. MOVE is basically Sony’s answer to Nintendo’s Wii, enabling gamers different ways of controlling their video games besides the controller. Now while the “Wand” looks rather unattractive and generic, what they do with it looks just like what Cruise did. *Using the screens, not going insane.* Enjoy

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