Playstation 3′s MOVE : Minority Report a Reality?

I remember when I first watched the movie “Minority Report” I was enthralled once Tom Cruise started to manipulate the various screens in his office. Moving them, enlarging them, and freely using them with only a few flicks of his hands for some reason left me in nerd awe. So you can imagine I was nothing less than giddy when I saw this tech demo of Playstation’s MOVE. MOVE is basically Sony’s answer to Nintendo’s Wii, enabling gamers different ways of controlling their video games besides the controller. Now while the “Wand” looks rather unattractive and generic, what they do with it looks just like what Cruise did. *Using the screens, not going insane.* Enjoy

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Review of Resident Evil / Resident Evil Director’s Cut for PSX

Resident Evil PS1 (PSX)

With all of the darkest survival horrors out there comes one that stands above them all. This one game exploded in to a franchise as one of the top or maybe even THE top zombie killing game of all time. I of course am speaking of one of the greatest survival horror games ever to be released, Resident Evil.

As a long time fan of the video game franchise, I’ve decided to speak my mind about each title that is related to the official story itself over the course of time. Also know that if I haven’t played the game then I can’t write about it. So without further ado, let us begin.

Resident Evil/ Resident Evil Directors Cut
U.S Release Date: March 30th, 1996
Console: Sony Playstation

In 1996, Capcom released a video game that would revolutionize the survival horror genre as we know it. Resident Evil was one title that could send chills up your spine with it’s scary music, gruesome creatures, and terribly frightening voice acting. You play as either Stars Member Chris Redfield or Jill Valentine in a quest of survival. Locked in a mansion with no safe way of escape, it’s up to you to find a way out by solving hair raising puzzles, killing blood thirsty zombies and uncovering the truth behind a sinister corporation along the way.

The graphics weren’t bad for it’s time and the story was as creative as writing could get. With death, betrayal and a whole lot of mystery behind it, we got one of the best survival horror stories ever written.

When it comes to characters, you can’t go wrong with a gun wielding, muscular Arnold schwarzenegger looking dude in green, and a video game babe with padded shoulders, who just happens to be the master of unlocking. Both Chris and Jill have separate stories, and each of the stories can change depending on the players actions throughout the game. Some ways make the story end extremely well while others make it end terribly wrong.

Voice acting was…um..not good. Even though I wouldn’t change a thing about it, the voice acting was terrible and not sincere to the games story and events at all. In a lot of ways, the voice over added a comical sense to what was supposed to be a creepy and dark experience. When a cut scene comes up, be prepared to laugh. Just about every line read was hilarious such as Wesker’s “Stop It!”, but nothing can ever top the greatness that is Barry Burton. With lines such as the Jill Sandwich and master of unlocking, this character will never be forgotten.

When it comes to game play, this game is awesome. I was still young and not to good with a joystick when I first played the directors cut dual shock version of this game. I was running in to walls and getting eaten by zombies at every turn. While I myself have never played the original release of this game, I watched as one of my friends did, and it appeared to be extremely difficult. More enemies, less items, more hits to kill the enemies, and just one hell of a time getting through. From what I can remember, it was a real nightmare.

The directors cut version of this game, was a real sigh of relief. It fixed everything that the original did wrong, and made it a lot easier on us newbies to the next gen 3D consoles. Enemies didn’t take a million shots to take down, more items were scattered around to keep up the survival, and new features such as new character graphics and camera angles were placed in to this new version of the game.

The weapons in this game are awesome, spanning from handguns to flame throwers, so you have plenty of choices on how to kill your zombie friends.

All in all, I love the game. No matter what version you are playing, you will still get the same great Resident Evil that started it all, and lead to more sequels, motion pictures, and a world of fans. If you haven’t played this game “If that’s possible” then go out right now, and pick it up wherever you can. You can also download the game for only $9.99 at the playstation store if you own a PS3 console.

Final Scores:
Resident Evil: 7.5/10
Resident Evil Directors Cut: 8/10


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