PSP Go is a failure… Surprised?

In a move to help the Playstation Portable ship an additional million units for the year & to push their digital download sales into the portable gaming market Sony released its new media device dubbed the PSP Go.  The PSP Go is the first major update of the original PSP with a smaller & lighter design and several changes to its look & feel including the absense of a UMD slot.

However, since its launch the Sony PSP has been under much scrutiny with a poor game lineup & an equally lackluster battery life.  Now to add to Sony’s woes the PSP Go appears to be heading for the long list of failures.

This should “Go”…sorry… without saying but the Nintendo DS & the DSi are still trumping the PSP Go with even the Apple iPod Touch taking a piece of the pie.

The PSP Go has other problems as well with a steep $245 price tag compared to the $170 it would cost to get your hands on the existing PSP & isn’t substantially less than the Playstation 3 console at $299.

In a strange disclosure Sony officials have admitted that the PSP Go has been an epic failure when it comes to sales. Why? They believe it is too confusing for most consumers due to the lack of a UMD drive which ultimately resulted in fans of the media staying clear of the new PSP device.

According to Media Create using retail sales the PSP Go the new device has sold a total of 23,455 units in Japan versus an average weekly sales of 70,342 units for the original PSP.

In this writers opinion it seems safe to say the PSP Go is on its way out.  What do you think?

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