S4 League MMORPG Review

S4 League ( The name stands for Stylish, eSper, Shooting, and Sports) is quite unique among the many Free 2 Play MMO’s out there. While many are simply World of Warcraft clones with a few innovations and twists, S4 finds it’s very own niche in the market and delivers an ultimately interesting product. However there are several issues that plague this game from truly shining.

S4 League is a 3rd person MMO shooter with RPG elements splashed in. The graphics look like someone took the Quake III engine and used cel-shading to produce a very fluid anime-ish feel to the game. The effects themselves are quite impressive when engaging in melee combat that’s actually done right , a rarity in any shooter. To even further the very anime atmosphere is the movement and controls that let you do some rather outrageous maneuvers, such as wall jumping off a building and slicing at people in a very Ninja Gaiden inspired move…minus the blood. The soundtrack is rather catchy, though limited in the amount of songs. Add in a pair of pistols, a rifle, minigun, plasma “sniper” rifle, grenade launcher, a few melee weapons, and various movement abilities such as wings, a “hook shot” and you have a decent game, right?

Then we get to the negative aspects of the game. For one customization is severely limited. You can purchase clothing later on with the money you make during matches, however even then there isn’t much there. Also since the game’s servers are in Europe you can expect to lag quite a bit. If even one character lags in the game it effectively ruins it for everyone as they become godlike in power. There are only a small handful of maps and two game modes (Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag), so expect to only play in small doses before getting tired of the lack of variety.

Despite all it’s flaws though, S4 League is quite fun to play. The game is completely free to play, though you can purchase other items using real cash, even items that give you an edge over other players. So if you’re looking for a very fast paced shooter with some very entertaining melee mechanics, an upbeat soundtrack, or just enjoy anything anime related give it a try!

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