Seafight MMORPG Review

Want To Play as a Pirate? Check Out Seafight – A Free Browser Based Game

Desc: Looking for some fun, free pirate games to get your blood pumping? Seafight is a free browser based game that offers you fun and adventure on the high seas. While there are some pitfalls to this little free online game, you’ll still have some great fun compared to other free mmo games.

Seafight Online RPG


Anyone that loves a good pirate tale probably loves most of the pirate games that are out there today. From free online games to in-depth strategy games you pay a ton for, pirate games are pretty unique in their offerings of fun on the high seas. So how do some of the free online games stack up against their higher-priced brethren? Let’s take a look at Seafight, a free browser based game, and see how it stacks up to other pirate games.

I’ll start with the overall game play in Seafight. Here, you’ll find several different ways to play to get your pirate blood pumping. You can simply sail around and fight other pirates and sea monsters for gold and booty, or you can work the different pirate quests that are available for you. Killing monsters is a staple no matter what, as it offers you great gold to build up your ship and crew, so you need to do this no matter what type of game play you’re into. If you choose to take on the quests offered to you, you will do everything from killing off some pirates to escorting a princess to locating better land for the king. Every quest offers you a ton of EP (experience points) and normally a good amount of gold as well. So, questing in Seafight is the fastest way to level up in this free online game.

Is the game play any good though? Well, yes and no. It is good in the fact that there is plenty to do, plenty of monsters to kill, and pirates to sink. It isn’t that great in the fact that you just have a ship and sail around, no boarding other ships or fighting on land or searching for buried treasure in some other pirate games. But, you can automatically set your ship to sail on to the next point in your quest, which means you can easily set your ship and do something else. (Although it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your ship in case you pass “shinies”, which can reward you with gold, pearls, or experience points when you sail over them.) Personally, I would like if you could actually do some fighting or treasure hunting on land – something to change up the pace a bit – but the overall game is a lot of fun.

Ok, you know what to expect with the game play, how about the interface and other goodies in Seafight? Here is where the game can get interesting. For every kill you make, pirate you sink, or quest you complete, you will gain gold. Just like any good free mmo game, you have to have gold to buy ship upgrades, hire pirates, and purchase weapons and food. This is where the interface in Seafight comes in and you’ll need to play around with it a bit to learn where everything is. There are several different parts to the interface in this little pirate game, such as the shipyard, the trader, the hideaway, and the weapons dealer. Each one of these different tabs offers you different items, while some are obvious (i.e. the weapons dealer), some are not (i.e. the hideaway). So you will want to take the time to go through each of the different interface tabs in this free browser based game so you will know exactly where everything is. I actually like the interface. Once you do play around with it a bit, you’ll easily find what you need and be able to go right to it the next time you need something. Everything is laid out with pictures so it is easy to see what you’re getting as well. To me, this is much better than a lot of the free mmo games out there that have interfaces that are hard to use.

But what would Seafight be without the multi-player aspect? Truthfully, you don’t need to worry about the multi-player part of the game until you get to about the third level. The first couple of levels, you’ll want to stay in the noob area, where it is all PvE. This gives you the opportunity to upgrade your ship and gain better hit points (so others can’t sink you with one shot), upgrade your weapons and learn how to use them, and get acquainted with the game overall. Once you’re ready, you can head out into the other areas of the map where it is PvP and have at it. You can use the chat at any time though, and you’ll easily find players that are happy to help you learn or extend an offer to join a guild.

While there is a lot more to Seafight than some other pirate games out there, it does have some downfalls. Personally, I enjoy this free mmo game more than some of the other free online games because a.) it’s a pirate game (Arrrrgggg.), b.) it’s an MMO (yeah, I’m an addict too), and c.) it’s free! If you’re in the mood to check out a different type of free mmo game, or you’re simply looking for a new way to explore your pirate side, I would recommend that you check out Seafight and test out your sea legs.

Check out Seafight for yourself and let us know what you think.

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