Star Trek TV Shows Coming to Netflix

Star Trek

In late February, 2011, Netflix announced by way of their official blog that select TV shows from CBS will begin via their streaming service. For fans of sci-fi this meant the ability in the future to watch all generations throughout the rich legacy of live-action Star Trek.

The initial announcement stated the episodes would begin in early April but according to the shows will be available for streaming on July 1st, 2011. This includes Star Trek Voyager, Enterprise, The Next Generation, TOS & DS9. However, DS9 will launch on October 1st with TOS & Enterprise availability in HD. Additionally, subscribers will be able to view another sci-fi favorite: The Twilight Zone.

“This deal recognizes the increasing value of our content in today’s marketplace,” said Scott Koondel, President of Distribution, CBS Television Distribution. “More and more, people want to be able to access our programming on a wide variety of platforms. We are very pleased that the titles offered through this deal will now also be made available to a whole new community through the terrific and convenient service that Netflix offers. We will continue to pursue additional non-exclusive distribution partners that are additive to our overall business.”

Netflix will now be the only online premium subscription service to offer shows from all four of the major broadcast networks.

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