Star Trek – The Animated Series Review

Sticks & Stones…

Despite what Wikipedia has to say about Star Trek it is not a homosexual show/series/franchise/IP; unless you count the episode in The Next Generation entitled “The Outcast” when Riker makes sweet sweet galactic love with a transgendered species.

The Box / Cover / Art – Score: 8

However, what’s sweet is the packaging you will find after picking up the Star Trek – The Animated Series.  The box is shaped like a bar of soap, with sleek lines & a smooth surface.  On the cover you will see Star Trek: The Animated Series beveled in orange with a window in the shape of the Federation symbol that has the crew of the original series peeping through.

Sorry, the inside case is upside down…

The inside of the box contains a paper/plastic folding case that you typically find with audio CD box sets.  This design is fine & practical but unfortunately the box contains plastic braces on the inside that cut into the paper cover of the foldout case.  Aside from that the front & back covers are cleanly designed with a similar look as the box but containing the episode names on the back (as opposed to the inner bevel of the Federation symbol on the back of the box).

Clean & clear

Enjoy the complete episode list

The Content – Score: 6

I’ll start of with the positive aspect from ST:TAS; it has voice acting from many of the cast members in the original series.  Also, the plot (although not considered canonical until 2007) is in fact solid; likely because it was written by many of the original series writers.

Now for the ugly! Of the bad, the worst is the absurd amount of instances were you will hear the same sounds & see the exact same scenes.  Additionally, the sound or more specifically the voice acting is lower quality in some instances than that of the original series (despite having almost the exact same cast).

Overall, The Animated Series box set is an easy buy at only $30 for 22 episodes of Star Trek goodness.  I give it 7 Borg cubes!

The Mo’ Tribbles, The Mo’ Problems

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