Warhammer Online Fees Breaking the Bank

Warhammer Online

Earlier in this week, a bug in EA’s billing system for Warhammer Online decided to siphon a large amount of money from many of their subscribers, some accounts being hit for up to $2000 in additional fees straight from their bank account. Upon discovering their empty bank accounts with large overdraft fees, a swarm of players have went to the to their forums to vent their rage and fury.

Some people were left truly hurt besides money, with credit scores and loss of insurance added to the mix as well as apparently no real effort by Mythic to resolve the problem in a timely manner is angering the population of Warhammer Online.

One quote on the forums of Warhammer Online was a man who’s daughter’s birthday was ruined by this event..

also what do i tell my daughter since it is her bday? I had x amount of dollars aside for her party but due to your billing my account after i paid my monthly bills and had 500 paid for taxes yesterday there is nothing left in

pickles account.

what do i tell her?”

This event is truly tragic to all those affected, and I personally offer my sincere condolences. However I feel sorry to say that this may break an interesting MMORPG as well as Mythic might not be able to earn it’s customers trust back.

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