DirecTV Drops G4 From Channel Line-Up


DirecTV has pulled G4 from the channel line-up following an end of negotiations between DirecTV and G4 parent company Comcast.  According to DirecTV, G4 was removed from the channel list after the latest Nielsen data revealed it to be among the lowest rated networks.

G4 was originally launched back in 2002, initially geared to be a competitor for TechTV (formerly ZDTV) focusing on “the gaming lifestyle” and technology news.  G4 eventually purchased TechTV and consolidated much of the programming from it’s former competitor, although it eventually strayed to a format mostly consisting of re-runs of COPS and Ninja Warrior.  The only original show from either network to survive the merger was X-Play, which continues to be one of the highest-rated shows left on the dwindling network.

The trainwreck of G4 has been playing out for many years, especially as the focus shifted from gamers and techies to attempting to compete with the “male-oriented” Spike channel.  As they’ve abandoned their original fanbase in some perplexing programming choices, is it any wonder that the network is failing?  Will anyone even lament the absence of G4 on DirecTV?

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