Now This Is A Retro Throwback Console

Now This Is A Retro Throwback Console

Screw the SNES Classic, I’ll take one of these. A handcrafted all in one retro gaming console made to look like an old tape deck/boombox that comes with 2 controllers, a speaker and a DLP projector. Just look at this thing. It’s gorgeous.

From the site:

A complete two-player system┬ádivided into four main segments – a system console, two wireless joypads, and an additional loudspeaker for stereo. The main console hosts a built-in DLP LED projector as well as a computer emulating classic consoles like the NES, Atari 2600, Game Boy and many more. It is capable of storing over 10.000 game titles – add your own favorites through USB and create a personal game library. A 2600mAh battery provides two portable gaming hours per charge, but the Zette System┬ácan also be used while charging. If you’re in need of more battery time, any standard external USB power bank will give the console some extra hours on the run.


The Zette System releases in November, for the low, low starting price of $2249. It also comes with the option of upgrading to an arcade joystick for only ~$600 more. If anyone was wondering what to gift us this Christmas season……just sayin.

Find more pictures and information at the official site:


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