Atari wants you to fund their newest grift

Atari wants you to fund their newest grift

Atari wants to sell you a Linux powered device that can play Minecraft as well as classic retro games for $300. Which is the same cost as a PS4. Or a pretty okay laptop. Or about 9 Raspberry Pi 3 kits, which can do the same thing for $35. I guess they are placing a high premium on that wood grain. Hell, even an Amazon Fire Stick can do that for under $40.

Like a Fire Stick, but with more woodgrain and 10 times the cost!

I know it’s been said, but I can’t figure out what demographic Atari is aiming for at this point. It seems like a monstrosity born from the depths of a board room meeting involving marketing buzz words on a dart board. Atari claims the device will be an “open” experience, allowing the hungry masses to access content from multiple providers, including the very loosely defined “mid-range” PC games.

I would be eager to see Atari make a come back in the console space, but I just don’t see much utility in this product based on the details available. Unless Atari can package in some truly killer apps and exclusive remakes or enhancements of their classic games, I cannot see anyone getting too excited to have one beyond the most diehard Atari fans.

All this judgement could be a bit premature and I can’t blame Atari for trying to drum up interest; after all, they are still trying to crowdfund through IndieGogo. It just seems the money could be better spent developing something that isn’t just a wood-grained inferior clone of the Nvidia Shield.

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