The SNES Classic is just a reskinned NES Classic

The SNES Classic is just a reskinned NES Classic

Well, now we know why Nintendo decided to grace us with more NES Classics next year.

EuroGamer appears to be one of the lucky few that have received their SNES Classic ahead of Friday’s launch. Being a proper geek, they immediately took it apart to look inside and made an interesting discovery; the SNES classic uses the same exact hardware as the NES Classic. This explains why Nintendo so graciously decided to release more NES Classics next year, going against their earlier reports that the product was over and was never meant to be a large production run.

Photos courtesy of EuroGamer, showing the SNES Classic on the Left and the NES Classic on the right

It’s already been reported that the hardware appeared to be very similar, and responded to the original NES Classic hacking tool, Hakchi. But now we know why. I guess this means we’ll see an official SNES Classic hack coming very soon. The question is, will the SNES Classic have enough internal storage to hold the entire SNES romset?


Eurogamer’s breaking story:

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