Extra Life Fundraiser

T-n-T Wants to Play With  You!



T-n-T Contest (@tntcontest) is joining forces with Frankzulla (@frankzulla) from RetroHive and Brian from The Geek Lyfe (@the_geek_lyfe) in support of Extra Life (@extralife4kids), an organization that benefits Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals by playing games. And we NEED YOUR HELP!

As teams of gamers from around the world prepare for the Extra Life gaming marathon on Nov. 5, we’re working to support the project by raising funding for one of the competing teams, The Geek Lyfe. All the proceeds will go to benefit children who are battling serious illnesses and are treated by Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

So, get in the game! Check out the details below to see how you can help some very special kids, and PLAY WITH US!

    • Weeklong Fundraiser: Friday, Oct. 28 – Friday, Nov. 4


  • Prizes for those who donate to Extra Life during the fundraiser! Check out our gallery of prizes that have been donated by generous donors. Make your donation by following the directions below, then DM T-n-T Contest to claim your prizes!


  • Make your charitable donation by visiting The Geek Lyfe team fundraising page here! ANY LEVEL of support is appreciated, and you don’t need to participate in our fun activities if contests just aren’t your thing. ***Whether claiming a prize or not, remember to DM T-n-T Contest after you’ve donated, so we can track the fundraising!***
  • 3-day Trophy Contest: Tuesday, Nov. 1 through Thursday, Nov. 3
      • Favstar trophies awarded to winners of themed contests posted by T-n-T Contest
      • Day 1 – theme is children/kids – winners receive trophies AND qualify for Day 3 competition
      • Day 2 – theme is miracles – winners receive trophies AND qualify for Day 3 competition
      • Day 3 – theme is play/games – trophy winners from Day 1 and Day 2 can compete in a winner-takes-all game with one winner receiving ALL the trophies


  • Support the fundraiser by DMing T-n-T Contest NOW to donate trophies for the games and/or prizes for the fundraiser!
  • Form your own gaming team to join in the Nov. 5 Extra Life gaming marathon and you can choose our T-n-T Contest themes for a week!

Play with us, and make the kids the big winners!


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